The company - since 1875

On the 9th of July in 1875 Gustav Schuster bought the plot of the today's premises of the impregnating plant and found a firm, which operated with grain, feeding stuff and coal trade.

After World War I was added an impregnating and sawing plant .

1924 - 1928 were established an area with a tank for the tar oil impregnation by railway sleepers.
The development of the railway net ran on full speed.

After World War II took place an owner change via expropriation and sales from portions of the limited partnership at that time. The local economic union secured the existence of the enterprise.

In the 50ies of the 20th century the plant had a new boom because of investments, reconstruction and extension.

1959 were created the “VEB Imprägnierwerk Wülknitz” and operated very successful in the times of the GDR.

On the 1st of January in 1989 Tilo Vogel, the today’s main shareholder and general manager, overtook the firm part as manager and later than as operations director.
On the 1st of July in 1990 the firm had been transformed into a limited liability company of the trust company by law. But because of the enormous burdens of the past a lot of difficulties came up to the company so that it almost had been on the brink of ruin (liquidation by the trust company).

At the beginning of 1991 Mr. Vogel presented a clear business conception. With this the first step towards privatisation was done. 1992 Mr. Vogel purchased the company parts in a “Management by out”- process. First investment programmes were realized, parts of the plant were renewed and the first great order was put into action:
35,000 beech sleepers...Deutsche Telekom:

1997 - 1998 developed a modern boiler pressure impregnation work with high technological and ecological standard.

In 1998 the company turned into a family business, in which the wife and the daughter of the investor became members of the partnership.
In the years from 1998 to 1999 a new branch office in Riesa was built and opened.         

In 1999 and 2000 the contamination of the soil, which has been caused in the last decades, was rehabilitated.

With these investments and measures of reorganization the foundation-stone for the economic upswing of the enterprise was put after the German Unification.

The enterprise is today to long-term success aligned, with firm customer relation, a capable management, good coworkers, modern technology and reputation national and internationally.
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