Sleeper production

Wooden railway sleepers are an important standing leg for our company.
Since the privatization of the company in 1992, we continuously managed to improve quality, the degree of production and of course the price-performance ratio and to tune them according to the customers' requests.

By this we are now able to deliver nearly all variations of sleepers ready to be built in at all times and directly to the building site.

A lot of our customers choose timber because they know of the advantages of timber as a lasting raw material which to a large extent comes from local forests.
We do not limit our customers' service to the delivery of new sleepers; we decided to take full charge, up to the disposal and recycling of our products.

We are among other things able to manufacture special sleeper as well as sleeper for guide rails and safety barriers. Also the production of bridge sleepers is not for us a problem.

In order to arrange the track construction works still more effective, we offer the possibility to our customers of ordering complete track-panels.

We are sure that the wooden sleepers with innovation and new impulses will be attractiv again.         

Therefore we work on new procedures, which will apply surely soon.
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