Poles production

Timber from northern growth areas
Our timber suppliers select only the best trees, with the straightest growth and the least knots. These trees, predominantly from areas, with a lattitude of more than 60° north.

Typical of this timber is the slow growth, on average eight to ten annual rings per 25mm of wood. This guarantees the necessary resistance and elasticity and the compliance with the imposed tension loads at the top of the pole. In peeled condition, with the characteristic smooth surface and remaining under the humidity demanded by the standards, the poles are ready to be impregnated.

We supply poles for telecommunications (e.g. 7 and 8 metres) and for low/medium voltage networks (e.g. 9-18 metres) according to top and butt diametres prescribed by DIN 48350 or according to the British Standard BS 1990 classes Light, Medium and Stout. Our company processes for the most part pine (pinus sylvestris L.) and spruce (picea abies Karst.) poles.
Spruce poles are additionally perforated by a special drilling technique at the soil/air-zone, to improve the penetration of the wood preserver.
On special request we deliver the poles already prefabricated, including holes, notches, chamfers (e.g. for crossbeams), insulators, collets and footings, as well as prefabricated A-pole, including central beam and fastening material.

Advantages of wooden poles
Compared to concrete or steel, wooden poles are provided with many positive qualities. The wooden pole is easy to handle, a pole for telecommunications weighs only around 100 kg, a pole for medium-voltage means only between 200-400 kg, depending on the dimensions. This cuts down transport and labour expenses. Drillings, chamfers and joints can be applied to the pole on the spot. Wooden poles are maintenance-free for years, even in areas with high air pollution or salty air.

The life expectancy of a boiler-impregnated pole is about 15-20 years (salt impregnated) respectively more than 40 years (creosoted). A dry wooden pole doesn't conduct any electricity. Impregnated wooden poles stood the test of times for decades in the most varying climates, in ice and snow with less than -20º C as well as in the most arid desert
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