Welcome to Wülknitz

The Production of our company comprises wooden poles for telecommunications and energy lines, railway sleepers and wood for horticulture and landscape engineering.

For that, we buy high quality timber from Scandinavia, the Baltic area, Poland, Czech Republic, France and Germany. We impregnate the timber in a boiler pressure process in order to make it pest-resistant. Here we use according to the customer's specifications: chrome/copper (cc) salt, chrome-free wood preservers or creosote, odour-free by request.

By treating with pressure we obtain a nearly complete penetration of the water-salt solution or the creosote which creates. The result is a durable, long lasting wood product.

In our company environmental care plays the same important role as high-quality workmanship.
Our range of products contains wooden sleepers for tracks and points with different measures and gauges. These sleepers are impregnated by the boiler pressure prozess with creosote according to W.E.I. standards.

For a competent consultation and information a well-trained team of 32 wood experts and engineers is at your disposal. Extensive capital expenditure in the last years has been put into modern equipment and logistics, which leads to a fast and perfect order processing in our company. Additionally we are very active in the field of exports and managed to realise international orders and requests. For 10 years we train apprentices annually.

Since September 2003, we are equipped with a strict quality magement, certificated according to DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2000 and DIN EN ISO 14001 (1996-10).
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